On-site Service

The on-site service engineers in GS Valve with rich experience will provide you complete service of operational plan, installment guidance and repair. During the operational period, GS Valve on-site engineers should check the installment area needed to be adjusted and provide training of technology for consumers if needed, preparing for the device’s operation.

Repair is also the responsibility of on-site service department, including the scene inspection, replacement of parts and maintenance of the actuator, etc.

After-sale service

Please call our valves experts whether you need to change valve parts or repair the main valve. In GS Valve, we know valves and repairs of them very well. When you need to repair or change parts, the best guarantee for your valves is especial product’s representatives helping you to make a wise decision on valves and the service provided by workers authorized by industries.

Engineering service

From the beginning to the end, engineers in GS Valve will always oversee the process of design and manufacture. Before production, all engineering drawings and specifications need to be checked thoroughly and it decides that production will be conducted according to the effective method meeting the requirement of design and every special produce’s size.

Researching new products and improving present products are always the prior task for GS Valve engineering design department. The group of engineering design in GS Valve has rich experience in the design of products and services, repair and technical support.

Technical service

The valve and control equipment selection

The valve and control equipment selection During the application of industrial valves and control products, owing to referring to various parameters in working conditions, the technical personnel with full experience is needed to choose valves and control equipments meeting the requirement of process and with high performance.

Case analysis

The coverage of valves and control equipments is wide. There are usually some special cases under complicated working conditions. GS Valve can offer you comprehensive case analysis about constructions, materials, accessories and so on.

Providing higher standards of implementation

Valves and control equipments, as one of components bearing the pressure from pressure pipelines, should meet the relevant standards of design, production and test. GS Valve implements relevant standards or higher standards strictly. Standards are the basis of design, production and test.