Special control valve

Product description
GS Valve appeals to the development of modern industrialization and searches control valves under different application condition according to different clients. The series of control valve is special designed for the harsh condition in industries of electric power, petroleum and chemistry, etc.

Nominal diameter:DN20~DN450 (3/4″~18″).


Pressure rating:up to CLASS 2500.

Structural characteristics
1.The high-pressure straight trip control valve has a modular, integrated, standardized, longer life, many characteristics of multi-field applications, high cost performance.

2.Differential pressure valve, optional balanced spool, spool seal Rigid-Flex formula, even if used for a long time, soft sealing material deformation, fluid sealing surface can still Class IV seal level.

3.Progressive compression design greatly reduces the vibration of the spool, resist cavitation and flashing damage to the valve trim, guarantee stable performance valve travel, while the spool is easy to replace and maintenance more convenient.

4.Having a valve seat of the spool can be quickly replaced and duplex available, and therefore has a double life.

5.The executing agency is the positive and negative role easily interchangeable multi-spring diaphragm or cylinder executing agency, together with the durable, shock-smart valve positioner, and can be installed according to the security needs of the customers on-site emergency handwheel operation.