High pressure gate valve

Product description
All gate valves are designed as split wedge gate valves type K or parallel slide gate valves type P and are designed for all pressure and temperature ranges as applied in today’s Power Plant Applications. The basic design has been applied for over 50 years in the Power Industry both in Germany and worldwide. The valves are tailor made, in accordance with European and German standards.Our long experience assures a high level sophisticated design,most suitable for heavy duty power plant applications.

Nominal diameter:DN50~DN1000 (2″~40″)

Temperature:-196℃-650℃(According to the specific conditions and selected)

Pressure rating:up to CLASS 4500

Structural characteristics
1.Body made of high quality forged steel according DIN/EN or ANSI standards.

2.Fully flexible wedge.

3.Proven pressure seal design.

4. Hardfaced stellited seating with excellent corrosion/erosion resistance and high temperature hardness.

5.Sealing face use cobalt-base alloys welding, and has long service life, antifriction, Resistance to abrasion, tight sealing performance.