Feed water heater bypass three way valve


Product description
The high pressure three-way valve of GS Valve is designed for the running and isolating/switching of the high-pressure heater.In accordance with the pipeline of the client ,the inlet and outlet could be designed as three-way valve or the inlet being designed as three-way gate but the outlet being designed angle valve or gate valve.The ways of control conclude hydraulic actuator,electric actuator,ect.

Feedwater Bypass System always be kept in back up status. If something wrong with the heater that cause the water level rise, the feedwater bypass will have the action immediately. It can control the feedwater bypass system automatically by supervising the water level. When the water level rise high, the feedwater bypass act and achieve the bypass through feedwater turning heater, meanwhile, to insulate the heater.

Nominal diameter:DN150-DN600(6"-24")

Temperature:350℃(Depending on the specific conditions and customization)

Pressure rating:Commonly used CLASS 2500.

Structural characteristics
1.Sealing face use cobalt-base alloys welding, and has long service life, anti-friction, Resistance to abrasion, tight sealing performance.

2.The ball valve is specially designed for the peaking operation and the frequent start-up. It avoids the concentration of materials and the sudden change in wall thickness. Besides, it bears stress evenly. It's beneficial to maintain the whole valve's concentricity. What's more, it promotes the performance of sealing and has smaller requirement of operating force.

3.According to the customer requirement, the body material is forged WCB or casted WB36, so as to match with the high pressure feed water pipe material and can be welded directly without transition section.

4.Upper sealing shaft’s position is fixed, ensure stroke will not flexible, and it can be dispatched, easy for operation; the steam has the guiding structure that can start and close smoothly and has the minimum wearing resistance.

5.Head of stem use disc spring to ensure its enough preload.

6.Steam is stainless steel, the parts use surface-hardening treatment.