High pressure Safty Shut off valve(SOV)

Product description
During start up (cold or hot start)of the turbine the amount and pressure of steam being transferred to the turbine is controlled.Once the turbine inlet control valve is fully open,the SOV Valve will fully close. The safety devices must ensure that,in the event of all possible failures during operation,the vapour pressure in the boiler and in the live steam system of the station does not exceed the maximum permissible value.

Nominal diameter:DN100-DN1200(4"-48").

Temperature:up to 630℃.

Pressure rating:CLASS 2500.

Construction and function
1.The valve with its electro-hydraulic control system corresponds, as regards its construction and function, to the safety recommendations of the German vapour' boiler commission(Deutscher Dampfkesselausschuß).

2.It closes against the vapour pressure and the conical surface and against the opening spring assembly with its centrally positioned oil cylinder which is subjected to pressure from above.

3.The valve thus operates on the pressure relief principle. The reduction in the pressure of the vapour is effected with the proven principle of stepped relief which guarantees low noise and vibration levels.

4.The cooling water is injected via two lateral studs on the outlet stud downstream of the silencer where it is immediately atomized by high-pressure atomising steam coming through the valve stem and top flange into the ring nozzle.