Turbine Bypass valve (DSV)

Product description
With the ever reducing reservoirs of Fossil Fuels, plants are increasingly demanding valves and Systems that provide them with flexibility of operation and steam at the desired Pressureand Temperature in one single unit. The requirements of a modern bypass system include Prevention of excessive boiler pressure fluctuations in the event of turbine trip or load rejection.

HP/LP bypass valve
1.Forge welding of the body structure, durable design life of 30 years.Connection pipe materials can adopt A182 F11、F22、F91 and F92.

2.The large diameter of the valve stem, valve core and piston integral part of high strength, vibration resistance and long service life.

3.Valve seat and valve core surfacing carbide weld thickness.

4.The sealing surface polishing and unbalanced spool seal, ensure that the valve leak-free long-term leakage class of MSS-SP-61,

5.By warm water from the steam assisted atomization, atomization efficiency, the desuperheater fast, uniform temperature distribution.

6.Fully atomized by warm water and steam in the cavity of the multi-level decompression mixed thoroughly to avoid the spool and trim received heat shock, thus extending the service life of the spool.

7.Desuperheater with the design of the valve of the steam assisted atomization, less gentle mixing efficiency high, the required valve outlet straight pipe shorter.

8.Multilayer cage design of multi-stage buck spool (the buck of up to 10), to ensure the noise below 85 decibels, the vibrations generated by the noise completely avoid damage to the spool.

9.Valve adjustable range, and can achieve the accurate adjustment of the design capacity of the full range of very favorable for the slip start control units start and system.

10.Desuperheating water nozzle distribution along valve body ring without any moving parts, does not produce blocking and stuck, no maintenance and replacement.

The composition of the turbine bypass system

The composition of the turbine bypass system Bypass system is composed of control、valve and actuator (pneumatic、hydraulic、electric). Controlled by the DCS is responsible for the implementation. The valve includes a standard configuration of the HP/LP steam converter valve, HP/LP water injection control valve,HP/LP isolate valve.

Nominal diameter
Inlet DN25~DN1000 Outlet DN50~DN2000.