Corporation Introduction

In 1954, C.H. Zikesch GmbH was established in Germany. Experiencing years’ development, Zikesch had been the leading manufacturer in the field of high pressure special valves of Steam Turbine bypass, etc. in Europe and around the world in the late 1990s.

In 1995, Zikesch adjusted the internal organization structure and the manager at that time set up Valves Engineering Company, separating it from the company. Relying on creative design concept and rich manufacturing experience, Valves Engineering Company became the representative of advanced technologies.

In 2008, company conducted a series of transform and introduced a number of strategic partners, as a result of which the new GS Valve was proclaimed. With so many years’ experience in developing and manufacturing High Pressure Special Valves, Company developed from the Power Station Valves supplier into the fluid control technology solution provider in those industry fields covering power, oil and gas, chemicals and iron, etc.

As the expert in designing valves system under special conditions, GS Valve always considers product quality as the foundation of company’s development. The special valves manufactured by company not only pay much attention to ensuring products’ safety, low-leak, easy operation and easy maintenance in structure design and processing techniques, but also attach more importance to material selection and online maintenance so as to guarantee products’ service life and liability.